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Master Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o

It is beyond an honor to present to you the opportunity to experience a tattoo Master on the Tatau at our shop. Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o will be visiting and offering the traditional hand tap tatau as well as the option of electric machine. His visit will be towards the end of December and beginning of January coming very soon. Feel free to email us at appointments@tattoolicious.com or him directly at Mooinnj@gmail.com.

It was at the beginning of the 90’s when Mo’o started tattooing thanks to Chime, the known tattooer of Moorea. It was from him that he began to learned the meaning of the Marquesian symbolism.

He worked along side Chime for a few years until he stopped in Madrid and encountered the famous “Terror Tattoo Crew” of Mao & Cathy tattoo studio. He stayed with “the crew” almost 6 years. While tattooing with Mao and Cathy Mo’o also was traveling back and forth to Polynesia to feed the desire to acquire more knowledge of Polynesian tattoo culture.

After learning from Mao how to correctly use a tattoo machine it was nonstop tattooing of his now known black ink, acquiring several international awards… It is during this time that Mo’o meets ‘the One” who will radically change his life, the worldwide known Samoan Tatau Master, recognized as “The master of the Masters” “Sua Sulu’ape Paulo II” who took him under his wing almost 5 years. He taught him not only how to use the traditional tools, but how to build them, and the Philosophy of what he used to call “His Way of Life”. He gave to Mo’o the deepest Spirit of this philosophy until his tragic end in 1999…

Transforming Mo’o as his “last pupil” , making him the keeper of the tools and philosophy, he asked him to continue the way he opened. Mo’o was accepting endless invitations to tattoo conventions and keeping alive this ancestral art, honoring his mission to move it all over the world still keeping in mind his “father’s” request to change his name from Mo’o to “Pili Mo’o” : the “Samoan Lizard”…

Pili Mo’o will not fail with the promises made to his “Father” and will not stop traveling. Having attended more than 350 tattoo conventions, disclosing the art of Tatau, delighting the public of 5 continents with this art, and giving seminars, he received other prestigious awards, defending with fervor and faith, the Spirit of his “Father’s Way of Life”, which now became his own, and his mission…

Pili Mo’o was called to Samoa in 2001 by Sua Sulu’ape A. Petelo, now chief of the Sulu’ape Family to proudly receive the title of : “te Tufunga ta Tatau Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o”. Also being accepted and recognized as a Samoan Matai and Tatau Master…

Click the link to see some of his portfolio of this traditional tatau! Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o

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