Giuseppe Campo

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Feb 15th - 28th

About The Artist

Giuseppe Campo started working in the art of tattooing in 2012, having experienced his introduction to the world of ink on skin in 2005 after completing art studies in Turin, Italy. Themes of his work express the imagination of his training and are the mirror reflection of his Mediterranean environment of the little island of St. Peter, located off the south west coast of Sardinia;  seafaring images, fish, anchors and sailing ships, whales, mermaids … all intertwine with surrealist elements and embark into the subconscious. Incorporating self-educated techniques into anatomical etching with dotwork contamination, Giuseppe works principally in black and white. Living and working in the little town of Carloforte on the island of St. Peter, he also collaborates with other international artists and studios.  


He will be with us February 15th - 28th!

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